To the users, Intelligent Context Manager appears as pagelets that are loaded with appropriate information based on the target page or transaction. Therefore, Intelligent Context Manager can be considered as the framework within which related content features—such as, related information, related contacts, related resources, related discussions, related workspaces, related links, and content ratings—operate.


Unlike homepage pagelets, Context Manager template pagelets display in the menu frame. These template pagelets display when a user accesses a menu item with which one or more of the pagelets has been associated. These template pagelets are designed to provide convenient access to data that is contextually relevant to the menu item being displayed.


Note. Defined security rules are maintained such that items to which a user does not have access will not appear.


Template pagelets also provide features for topic experts to manage the related content displayed within each pagelet. The topic experts can add, edit, expire, or delete related content for each combination of menu item and template pagelet publication.


This lesson combines tasks that would be performed by a general user (viewing related content) with tasks performed by topic experts (adding related content).


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Work with the Related Contacts pagelet.

• Work with the Related Discussion pagelet.

• Work with the Related Information pagelet.

• Work with the Related Resources pagelet.

• Work with the Related Workspaces pagelet.

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