Understanding Intelligent Context Manager



  1. Overview of Intelligent Context Manager


    Intelligent Context Manager provides the user with immediate, relevant information for any business transaction without requiring a manual search. Intelligent Context Manager acts as a virtual expert, tying together all types of content—structured, unstructured, analytics, documents, and discussion threads—into a work point-oriented information center.


    To the users, Intelligent Context Manager appears as pagelets that are loaded with appropriate information based on the target page or transaction. Therefore, Intelligent Context Manager can be considered to be the framework within which related content features—such as, related information, related contacts, related resources, related discussions, related workspaces, related links, and content ratings—operate.


    Note. Defined security rules are maintained such that items to which a user does not have access will not appear.


    The following example shows two pagelets—Related Information and Related Contacts—displaying content that has been identified by the topic experts to be related to the Course Details page:

    Step 1
  2. Setting Up Intelligent Context Manager


    Setting up Intelligent Context Manager so that related content can be delivered to users requires the collaboration of portal administrators and designated topic experts as shown in the following diagram.


    The diagram shows that after the topic experts have identified which pages or transactions require contextual information, the portal administrator must complete five tasks:

    1. Create additional related content publications (optional).

    2. Assign default template pagelets to the dynamic content template.

    3. Assign the dynamic content template to menu items.

    4. Assign additional template pagelets to menu items.

    5. Assign topic experts to each combination of menu item and template pagelet publication.


    After the portal administrator has completed these tasks, the topic experts can add, edit, expire, or delete related content for each combination of menu item and template pagelet publication.

    Step 2

In summary, Intelligent Context Manager provides users with immediate, relevant information for any business transaction within PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal without requiring a manual search.

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