The Folder Security page is used to manage the folder members and their privileges. This page lists the members and privilege sets for the current folder. Actual privileges are assigned on the Set Members Privileges page.


A new folder automatically inherits the members and privileges of its parent folder. However, privileges added later are not automatically transferred down the folder hierarchy and must be updated on a folder-by-folder basis. To assist with this process, an Inherit Members button appears when you view folder security for any subfolder, enabling you to quickly duplicate the same members as assigned to the parent folder.


Note. A top administrator is automatically granted all privileges for all content and folders of the feature without being an explicitly assigned or listed member a folder.


The Folder Security page is also used to manage the audiences allowed to view the published content of categorized content folders. These viewing audiences are similar to the viewer roles defined on the Viewer Roles page. Within categorized content, the folder administrator should try to choose among the same limited set of roles.


Note. A viewer member privilege defined in the Member Privileges section of the page is not equivalent to a viewer role defined in the Viewer Roles section of the page, even if the same role ID is used. In the case of the former, a viewer member privilege allows that member to view the folder and all of its contents (in draft, pending, or published states) through the folder hierarchy. The latter allows users with that role to view published content only and only through the Browse by Category page.


In this example, as a top administrator for categorized content, you will add a new member to a top folder. Then, you will modify the permitted viewing audiences by deleting a viewer role.

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