Understanding Managed Content



  1. Understanding Managed Content


    The managed content feature enables you to create content, manage it collaboratively in folders, check content in and out, create new versions of content, and make approved content available to other content management features, such as news publications, content categorization, collaborative workspaces, related information pagelets, and others.


    The following figure shows the My Managed Content Status page plus an inset of the My Managed Content pagelet listing the number of content items that require your attention by status.

    Step 1
  2. Creating Managed Content


    The process for creating managed content consists of these high-level steps:

    1. Create top folders and subfolders in the managed content feature (folder administrators).

    2. Assign members with specific privileges for the folders (folder administrators).

    3. Create content and check the content into these folders (authors).

    4. Check content out and create new versions (authors).

    5. Submit content for approval (authors).

    6. Review submitted content and approve individual content items (topic experts).

    7. Browse approved managed content and select for inclusion in publications or other features such as collaborative workspaces (publishers).


    This lesson covers steps 3 through 6 of the preceding process flow. The following diagram highlights these steps for creating and approving managed content.

    Step 2

In summary, managed content serves as a proving ground for new content that is to be used in the portal.

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