Content displayed within related content template pagelets (publications) is regulated and maintained by topic experts. A topic expert manages the content for a specific menu item and related content publication “combination” by adding, editing, or expiring related content. Topic experts enable the portal administrator to delegate the administration of related content to the persons (or person) who are most knowledgeable about a business transaction or topic.


As portal administrator, you will assign topic experts to all menu item and related content publication combinations. Topic experts can be assigned only for related information, related contacts, and related resources, and a separate page is available for each type of related content:

Related Contacts Topic Experts page.

Related Information Topic Experts page.

Related Resources Topic Experts page.


In this example, you will assign one topic expert for related information for a menu item, and then you will assign a different topic expert for the related contacts for the same menu item. In the first topic expert assignment, you will look up the related content publication number and the menu item name. In the second topic expert assignment, you will provide these values.

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