In Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, a news publication enables organizations to organize content by sections and articles and then present that content to a defined audience through a homepage pagelet.


You can have multiple news publications as different pagelets to meet your organization’s various communication needs, such as companywide news, local interest, product line, or department. Each separate publication can be managed by a separate group of publishers, and content can be tailored by these publishers for a focused target audience. In these publications, you further organize articles into sections, create top stories, and offer users the opportunity to submit new content to the publisher for consideration. Articles can come from a variety of sources—everything from ad hoc HTML or file submissions to selections from the managed content feature. Publishers can reuse the same article in various news publications in order to reach their entire target audience.


A news publication pagelet presents information to users in an easy-to-use, focused format, and enables publishers to incorporate images and designate top stories to emphasize content.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Describe news publications.

• Create a news publication.

• Update folder security for a news publication.

• Add a section to a news publication.

• Add an article to a section.

• Manage articles by section.

• Manage articles by status.

• Review and publish articles.

• Work with the My News Content pagelet.

• Associate images with news articles.

• Choose top stories.

• Publish a news publication as a pagelet.

• Withdraw a news article.

• Share an article as managed content.

• Delete a news publication.

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