In a collaborative workspace in Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, the Members module enables workspace members to learn more about the other members of the workspace. Much of this information about members is shared by way of member profiles.


There are two types of member profiles that can be displayed for a workspace member. If Resource Finder has been fully implemented and there is Resource Finder data available for the member, then the Resource Finder participant profile is displayed. Otherwise, if the Resource Finder feature has not been fully implemented or if the member does not have a Resource Finder participant profile, the member's PeopleTools user profile is displayed.


The Members module also serves as a central point from which members can communicate with one another, providing easy access to email and instant messaging links. Email and instant messaging links are also accessible from the member profile.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Access member profiles.

• Notify all members.

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