Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal provides personalization, content management and categorization, context management, discussion forums, news publications, site management and branding, portal-wide search, and collaborative workspaces seamlessly integrated with PeopleSoft application data and transactions. With PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, you can deploy enterprise-wide access to internet-based applications, unstructured content, and a searchable resource repository through an internet browser.


Due to the complexity of these topics, separate PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal modules are available for:

• Portal collaboration.

• Content management.


This module, Using Portal Applications, covers the use of many of the features that are common to all PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal implementations.


Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

• Personalize your homepage.

• Perform searches.

• Use My Links.

• Work with community calendars.

• Work with action items.

• Work with discussion forums.

• Set up Intelligent Context Manager.

• Work with Intelligent Context Manager pagelets.

Table of Contents