The Related Resources pagelet is used to associate Resource Finder information with a specified menu item—for example, relating vendor information to the Purchase Requisition page. When the topic expert manages the pagelet content, links to Resource Finder profile pages displaying vendor information are available whenever a user accesses the Purchase Requisition page.


The Related Resources pagelet derives its resources from the Resource Finder feature. Resource Finder is a highly flexible repository that can receive data loads containing information about any entity, along with links that relate these entities to each other. These entities are typically things like employees, departments, locations, companies, business units, customers, suppliers, and so on.


In this example, you will navigate to a menu item (the Course Details page) that has the Related Resources pagelet associated with it at the page level. You will view a resource profile available in the pagelet. Then, as the topic expert assigned to this menu item and pagelet combination, you will add a new related resource for the Course Details page.

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