Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal helps you organize all your content-creation processes and their results. PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal’s content management system includes features to help you create, manage, organize, and publish content. The resulting content is ready and available for use in news publications, related information pagelets, collaborative workspaces, in content categories, and elsewhere throughout the portal.


PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal’s content management and publication system includes three primary features (or work areas):

Managed content enables you to create content, manage it collaboratively in folders, check content in and out, create new versions of content, and make approved content available to other content management features.

Categorized content enables users to access web server and file server content, or content management entries through a detailed categorization hierarchy.

News publications enable you to organize approved content as articles and sections in multiple publications, which are viewable as pagelets on the portal.


Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

• Administer the content management system.

• Access content.

• Work with managed content.

• Work with categorized content.

• Run the content categorization spider.

• Work with news publications.

• Publish content folders.

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