Assigning Top Administrators



  1. Begin by navigating to the Top Administrators page.


    Click the Content Management link.

    Step 1
  2. Click the Top Administrators link.

    Step 2
  3. Use the Top Administrators page to assign specific users who will be able to create top folders within the content management system. A top administrator must be defined for each content management-based feature that is actively being used.


    For example, within the categorized content feature, at least one user must be able to create top folders in order to delegate more specific responsibilities within those top folders. Similar top administrator responsibilities must be assigned for managed content, news publications, discussion forums, and other features.


    Note. The top administrator is automatically granted all privileges for all content and folders of the feature without being an explicitly assigned member.


    In this example, you will add a top administrator for categorized content.

    Step 3
  4. Click the Add Row button.

    Step 4
  5. Click the Feature list.

    Step 5
  6. Click the Categorized Content list item.

    Step 6
  7. Click in the User ID field.

    Step 7
  8. Enter the desired information into the User ID field. Enter

     a valid value

    Step 8
  9. Click the vertical scrollbar.

    Step 9
  10. Click the Save button.

    Step 10

You have completed assigning a top administrator for the content management system.

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