Intelligent Context Manager provides users with immediate, relevant information for any business transaction without requiring a manual search. In Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, Intelligent Context Manager acts as a virtual expert, tying together all types of content—structured, unstructured, analytics, documents, and discussion threads—into a work point-oriented information center.


Setting up Intelligent Context Manager requires the portal administrator to complete five tasks:


1. Create additional related content publications.

If you require multiple publications (instances) of existing template pagelets, then you will create related content publications, which will be available in the system as separate template pagelets. This task is optional if you only require the default pagelet templates delivered with PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal. You can create additional publications for the following types of related content only: related information, related contacts, and related resources.


2. Assign default template pagelets to the dynamic content template.

These default pagelets will appear on all pages that have the dynamic content template assigned unless you override them when you assign additional template pagelets to individual menu items.


3. Assign the dynamic content template to menu items.

You will assign the dynamic content template to only those menu items that will be enhanced by related content from the Intelligent Context Manager.


4. Assign additional template pagelets to menu items.

After you have assigned the dynamic content template to a menu item, you modify which template pagelets will appear by adding additional template pagelets or removing default template pagelets.


5. Assign topic experts to each combination of menu item and template pagelet publication.

For each menu item that has been assigned the dynamic content template, assign topic experts to manage the content. Do this by assigning a topic expert for each template pagelet publication for each menu item.


After the portal administrator completes these five tasks, each modified menu item is ready for the topic experts to manage its related content.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Describe Intelligent Context Manager.

• Create a related content publication.

• Assign default template pagelets.

• Assign the dynamic content template to a menu item.

• Assign additional template pagelets to a menu item.

• Assign topic experts.

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