W.C.U. User Productivity Kit

Introduction to UPK (Player) or (Html)

MicroSoft Products:

Excel Intro (Player) or (Html)

Excel Charts and Graphs (Player) or (Html)

Excel Managing Data (Player) or (Html)

PowerPoint 2010 Intro (Player) or (Html)

Word 2010 Essentials (Player) or (Html)

Word 2010 Advanced (Player) or (Html)

Office 2010 FAQs (Player) or (Html)

Online Archiving (Player) or (Html)

E-Learning (Player) or (Html)


SAP Basic Navigation (Player) or (Html)

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Leave and Time (Player) or (Html)

Payroll (Player) or (Html)

W 2 Form Electronic Delivery (Player) or (Html)

myWCU Students:

Scheduling Classes (Player) or (Html)

Running Your Degree Progress Report (Player) or (Html)

Applying for Graduation Undergraduate (Player) or (Html)

Applying for Graduation and/or Certificate (Player) or (Html)

Adding or Changing Your Local Address (Player) or (Html)

Enrollment Verification for Insurance and Loans (Player) or (Html)

Enrollment onto Waitlist (Player) or (Html)

Enrollment Overload Request (Player) or (Html)

Credit Load Update (Player) or (Html)

Non Degree Online Application (Player) or (Html)

Self Service Non Degree Enrollment (Player) or (Html)

Personalize myWCU (Player) or (Html)

Accessibility Access with myWCU (Player) or (Html)

Parent Portal (Player) or (Html)

Submit an Academic Plan Change Request (Player) or (Html)

Graduate Student: Add Certificate Request (Player) or (Html)

myWCU Faculty:

Intro to PeopleSoft myWCU (Player) or (Html)

Advising Flag (Player) or (Html)

Advisor Comments (Player) or (Html)

Advisor Notes (Player) or (Html)

Change of Grade Workflow (Player) or (Html)

Degree Progress Report (Player) or (Html)

Faculty Center and Online Grading (Player) or (Html)

myWCU Chairpersons, Academic Secretaries, Deans Managers:

Advising Flag (Player) or (Html)

Advisor Comments (Player) or (Html)

Degree Progress Report (Player) or (Html)

Faculty Center and Online Grading (Player) or (Html)

Building Classes Training Guide (Player) or (Html)

Building Classes Tips (Player) or (Html)

Class Permissions (Player) or (Html)

Distance Education Courses (Player) or (Html)

Enrolling Students Drop Add Swap (Player) or (Html)

Email a Class Roster (Player) or (Html)

Graduation App Dept Report (Player) or (Html)

Assigning Students to an Advisor (Player) or (Html)

Running Department Reports (Player) or (Html)

Chair Waitlist Guide (Player) or (Html)

Graduate Coordinator Workflow (AX) (Player) or (Html)

25Live Campus Events Calendar

25Live Events Management (Player) or (Html)

Scantron Test Scoring

Scantron Test Scoring (Player) or (Html)

Parking Permit Registration

Parking Permit Registration (Player) or (Html)

Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver (Player) or (Html)

Information Security

Information Security Guide (Player) or (Html)

PeopleSoft Products:

Campus Solutions 9.0 Fundamentals (Player) or (Html)

Reporting Tools for Compus Solutions 9.0 (Player) or (Html)

Student Administration 9.0 (Player) or (Html)

Reporting Tools for PeopleTools 8.49 (Player) or (Html)

Enterprise Portal 9.0 (Player) or (Html)

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